Since 2007, the ESDN has been organizing thematic Workshops in order to facilitate informal exchange of standpoints and experiences between ESDN Members. This section of the website provides a one-stop-shop documentation of all ESDN Workshops so far. Please click on one of the Workshops for more details. Some photo albums can also be found below. 

This year, the ESDN will be hosting 3 different workshops!

  1. 22nd ESDN Workshop in Budva, Montenegro on 26-27 March 2024
  2. ESDN Young Civil Servant Workshop in Vienna, Austria on 15-16 April 2024
  3. ESDN Youth Workshop 2024, which will take place in the second half of 2024

More information can be found below and will be updated regularly, so please check back often!

Information on the 22nd ESDN Workshop

22nd ESDN Workshop took place on 26-27 March 2024 in Budva, Montenegro!

The 22nd ESDN Workshop took place on 26-27 March 2024 in Budva, Montenegro! The topic was “Governance Transformations for More Effective SDG Implementation”. The Workshop was organized in cooperation with the Government of Montenegro and UNDP Montenegro. 
Day 1 of the Workshop began on the 26th of March and focused on what some Western Balkan countries have been doing regarding implementing the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on institutional mechanisms and frameworks. This was complemented by keynote presentations of good practices from around Europe on governance mechanisms and experiences in implementation. In typical ESDN Workshop fashion, participants were also able to work in interactive groups to further exchange on the keynote presentations, their own experiences with implementation, and further learn from, and discuss with, one another.
Day 2 of the Workshop began on the 27th of March and focused on governing transformations towards sustainability, as well as focused on deriving answers to the question of what is needed to be fit for the future. The Workshop culminated in a final interactive exchange that focused on participants developing a toolbox for effective SDG governance for the future.

More information about the Workshop can be found below, including the agenda, the Discussion Paper, the keynote presentations, and the policy note (coming soon).

Keynote Presentations 22nd ESDN Workshop
Session 1: SDG Coordination Mechanisms - Challenges, opportunities, and vision

Workshop Day 1 26 March

Montenegro (in Montenegrin)

Aneta Kankaras, Head of the Office for Sustainable Development in the Secretariat General, Montenegro

 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nemanja Kovacevic, Assistant Minister, Ministry for European Integration and International Cooperation, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Republic of North Macedonia

Stojne Danilova Ivanoski, Prime Minister’s Office, Republic of North Macedonia


Elena Ivanovska, Prime Minister’s Office, Republic of North Macedonia

Session 2: Good Practice Examples and Experiences on Governance Mechanisms

Building Inclusive Stakeholder Partnerships

Jeannette Muller, ESDN Advisory Board Member, Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Biodiversity, Luxembourg (virtual)

Financing for the SDGs

Ivana Gardasevic, Project Manager for Public Finance for Development and Integrated Local Development, UNDPMontenegro, Montenegro

Government Mechanisms for Strategic Promotion of the Circular Economy

Heikki Sorasahi, Ministry of the Environment, Finland (virtual)

2030 Agenda Toolboxes

Daniel DubasESDN Advisory Board Member, Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE, Switzerland

Session 3: Transformation Towards Sustainability – What is needed for the future?

Workshop Day 2 27 March

Romanian Code of Sustainability

Gabriela Ciulacu Bițan, Sustainability Code Expert, Prime Minister’s Office – Department of Sustainable Development, Romania

Business Transformations Towards Sustainability from a Startup Perspective

Jasna Pejović, CEO Flourish App, Montenegro

Building Sustainable Development Governance Hubs

Krista Kampus, Tallinn City Strategic Management Office, Estonia (virtual)

Innovation and Transformations  

Nina Drakulić, Founder of NGO Montenegro Robotics, Montenegro Makers (Promotion of STEM) and Montenegro Space Research, Montenegro

Information on the ESDN Young Civil Servants Workshop

The ESDN Young Civil Servants Workshop will take place on 15-16 April 2024 in Vienna, Austria!

The ESDN is organizing its first ever Young Civil Servant Workshop, which will take place in Vienna on the 15th and 16th of April 2024 and focus on Transformative Policies, especially regarding the aspect of Intergenerational Equity.

The Sustainable Development Goals envisage a planet inhabitable not only for the present, but also for the future and are therefore inherently linked to the wellbeing of different generations. The workshop in Vienna will look at the area of transformative policies from an intergenerational equity perspective. What are the main challenges in this regard? How can we use intergenerational equity as a resource in policymaking? To what extent are the SDGs providing and supporting intergenerational equity and (how) can this be elevated in a post-2030 policy framework? What can young civil servants do to support this process? These questions will guide us through an interesting and exciting 1.5 days with inputs from experts, as well as a lot of time to exchange and develop ideas together.

The Workshop will seek to bring together young civil servants from around Europe, aged 35 or younger, together to learn and discuss on the topic of intergenerational equity. 

The Workshop draft agenda can be downloaded below. 

If you are a young civil servant and are interested in participating in this Workshop, then please send an email to ESDN Executive Coordinator, Eric Mulholland at eric.mulholland[at] by Friday 08 March.

Information on the ESDN Youth Workshop 2024

The ESDN Youth Workshop 2024 will take place in the second half of the year!

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