The ESDN website offers you an overview of the activities of the European Sustainable Development Network. In addition, it is one of the most comprehensive knowledge repositories on sustainable development policy in Europe. Whether you are simply passionate about sustainable development and want to learn more, or you deal with sustainable development in your professional life or studies, our website can provide useful insights for you. If you are a policymaker, a researcher or student, or a Youth Representative, active in a Civil Society Organisation or you are engaged in a sustainable business, we have resources that cater to your specific interests.


If you are a policymaker on the national, regional, or local level, our country profiles provide an insight into the status quo of sustainable development strategies in European countries. ESDN Reports and Policy Briefs reflect on almost 20 years of experience in policy-making by European national governments.


If you are a researcher or student of sustainable development, the website can give you insights into sustainable development policy-making. Reports focus on a variety of topics, from sustainable finance and the relationship of sustainable development policy to populism, or on policy coherence. They often draw on ESDN's network of policymakers in different national governments and therefore allow you to gain direct insights from professionals.

Civil Society Organisation

If you are active in a civil society organisation advocating for sustainable development, this website can help you gain an overview of sustainable development policies in your own country and you may find inspiration from what is happening in other countries. The ESDN's Spotlight Interview Series and Reports give further insights into the world of policy-making.


Whether you are a sustainable business from the outset or you are trying to include more sustainable principles into your business practices, the website can give you insights into the different aspects of sustainable development and how they are implemented in different European countries.


Young people should have a say on matters that concern them and should be able to engage in the decision-making process at the EU level in a structured and formal way as critical agents of change. With this in mind, the ESDN office in consultation with the young people started developing a concept of the Youth Network in 2020, sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (Germany).

The Network was formally established in 2023 with an aim of incorporating the voice of Youth in the ESDN activities. The main target group of the ESDN Youth Network is the UN Youth Delegates and other Youth Representatives for Sustainable Development from European countries.