ESDN Youth Workshop 2021

13 November 2021

At the ESDN Youth Workshop, 17 young delegates from all over Europe met to discuss, exchange experiences and together develop a manifesto with demands to the ESDN and European policy-makers. They are United Nations Youth Delegates selected by their government to represent their country’s youth to the UN, as well as representatives of national youth councils or other youth organisations.

At the ESDN Youth Workshop, the participants decided to work on three topics: climate justice, responsible consumption and production, and youth involvement in sustainable development. On the topic of climate justice, the manifesto discusses the responsibility of rich polluting countries towards more vulnerable countries and communities. It also promotes the World Youth for Climate Action Campaign, which seeks an Advisory Opinion on Climate Justice from the International Court of Justice. Regarding Responsible Consumption and Production the manifesto criticises the current economic system, which is unsustainable for people and planet. It tackles questions of responsible consumerism and a sustainable recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. Thirdly, the manifesto clearly states that it is crucial to involve young people more effectively into decision-making processes that will affect their future. This includes not only listening to youth but to take their considerations into account and to create institutional frameworks that guarantee youth a seat at the table.