At the ESDN 2019 Conference in Helsinki, the informal nature of the ESDN changed and the ESDN officially became the ESDN Association under Austrian Association Law. However, this new legal classification shall not change the informal nature of ESDN Association events, the nature of policy learning between peers, nor the Network.


The ESDN is a non-profit, pan-European peer-learning, networking, knowledge, and advocacy platform for sustainability professionals in the public sector working in collaboration with other organisations and institutions dealing with sustainable development issues. It is based on the transparent and trustful cooperation of these actors. It collects, compiles and shares information on sustainability policies, strategies and practises, and provides expertise to political decision-makers at European, national and sub-national levels. The ESDN also fosters sustainable development through active communication and continued cooperation with other stakeholders and civil society.

Vision 2025

  • The ESDN is recognised as the main network of sustainable development professionals in the public sector and advocates for sustainable development in all European countries, EU institutions and globally.
  • The ESDN promotes sustainable development policies and shares best practices on topics that add value to regular members and to a wider group of sustainability professionals and stakeholders in the public and private sectors, civil society and in academia.
  • The ESDN performs as a sustainable development knowledge hub and produces knowledge products that compile expertise on sustainability policies and practises in the European countries, based on the needs of Regular Members.
ESDN Association Statutes