As a Civil Society Organisation, you are the key link between policymakers and governments and the people sustainable development policy is intended to serve. As a member of the ESDN, you have direct access to policymakers and can remain up-to-date about the newest developments in sustainable development. You also contribute valuable perspectives of a key stakeholder in the field.

The annual Conference brings together around 200 practitioners in a European country for two days. At the Conference, you have the opportunity to learn about the newest developments in Europe, to hear from scientists and practitioners alike and to network with other sustainable development experts.

The Workshops are shorter events that focus on a specific topic regarding the implementation of sustainable development.

The ESDN website offers you a variety of resources about sustainable development in Europe.

In the Country Profiles, you can get an overview of sustainable development strategies and policies in your country. You can also find out about SDG implementation in 34 countries across Europe.

The Reports investigate different aspects of sustainable development in Europe in more depth.

The ESDN's monthly interview series, Spotlight, will allow you to gain direct insights into the work of SD practitioners, scientists and policymakers.

The ESDNewsletter and Newsflash will keep you up to date with recent developments, upcoming events and the newest publications.