The communications page is dedicated to news and outreach activities of the ESDN. One can find links to the ESDN Newsletters, Newsflashes, and Policy Notes below, as well as descriptions of their contents. There are also links to past ESDN Reports on sustainable development issues, to blog posts by ESDN Advisory Board Members, as well as links to the ESDN's Spotlight video series, which features interviews and videos with sustainable development experts, which serve as archives of past ESDN knowledge. 


The ESDN Newsletter keeps you up to date about upcoming events, the newest publications and recent developments in sustainable development in Europe. The Newsletter gives an overview about new national strategies and future activities taking place in Europe. The Newsletter is sent out three times a year. It will be posted to the ESDN website, as well as to the ESDN LinkedIn page.


ESDN Newsflashes are news articles that feature one good practice case from a European country on implementing sustainable development and the SDGs. Newsflashes are published around once every month on the ESDN website and on the ESDN's LinkedIn page.

Policy Briefs

The Policy Briefs are general recommendations for policymakers and stakeholder groups. They are suggestions by the ESDN members, often resulting from exchange and discussion at ESDN events, such as the annual Conference and Workshops. They represent the conclusions of sometimes up to 170 policymakers and sustainable development experts from all over Europe. It has to be noted that they do not reflect the views of the Advisory Board, the Office or the Executive Committee of the ESDN Association. 

ESDN Reports (Archive)

Each ESDN Report thoroughly examines an issue that is currently being discussed in the Euroepan sustainable development community. Relying on the Network's high-level policy-makers in over 30 European governments, the reports offer unique insights into policy-making processes and governance processes in different European governments. 

ESDN Blog (Archive)

Receive first-hand information on experiences, concerns and practical SDG implementation activities and get to know the people and policymakers behind the ESDN!

The ESDN will feature blog entries from one ESDN Advisory Board member or member country on topics related to sustainable development, the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, and thereby offer a glimpse into the experiences, concerns, practical implementation activities, etc. of policymakers working in the field of sustainable development. We invite all readers to become more familiar with the ESDN, sustainable development, the 2030 Agenda, the SDGs, and those supporting the ESDN’s work in fostering a more sustainable future.

Spotlight (Archive)

In the ESDN Spotlight video series, the ESDN features informative videos on important topics in sustainable development. The videos cover a wide range of stakeholders who are active in sustainable development, such as academia, NGOs, the businesses sector, research, and youth.