ESDN Conference 2007

"Linking Policies, Implementation, and Civil Society Action"

Berlin, Germany 3 - 5 June 2007

The ESDN Conference 2007 was hosted by the German Council for SD (RNE) as the main sustainability event in the context of the German EU Presidency on 3-5 June in Berlin. The two major topics of the Conference were (a) linking politics and administration and (b) stimulating informed debate in civil society. The two topics were subject to several keynote and dinner speeches, in-depth working group discussions and a sounding panel that consisted of two parliamentarians, one administrator and one civil society representative. Additionally, issues related to the EU SDS (peer reviewing and reporting) were discussed by two panels. Finally, all participants discussed how to develop the ESDN further at the end of the event.

Keynote Presentations

Linking Policies and Implementation: Making SD Strategies a case for Parliamentary activities

Günter Krings, Chair of the Parliamentary Board for SD, Deutscher Bundestag

Session 1: Brundtland Report - A 20 years update
Session 2: Snapshot European Sustainability