"The Future of the EU SDS - Expectations and Possible Contributions from the ESDN"

21 - 22 February 2013, Brussels, Belgium

The 9th ESDN Workshop took place in Brussels on 21-22 February 2013. The Workshop was entitled "The Future of the EU SDS - Expectations and Possible Contributions from the ESDN". In total, 50 participant from 11 European countries attended the workshop.

The conclusions of the Environmental Council meeting on 25 October 2012 include the clear intention to operationalize and implement the commitments included in the Rio+20 outcome document in the EU and its Member States “in particular through the European Sustainable Development Strategy (EU SDS), which therefore should be reviewed as soon as possible, at the latest in 2014” (para 3). Therefore, it is seen as important by the ESDN to formulate expectations for the future of the EU SDS and how the SD community could possibly contribute to it.

The main objectives of the workshop were: (a) to reflect upon the Rio+20 outcomes document and which of its objectives and targets are particularly important to be addressed in the EU; (b) on the basis of this, which topics should be addressed in the forthcoming EU SDS review and how could a future governance structure for the EU SDS look like; and (c) to identify a potential role and services the ESDN could fulfil for the EU SDS review and in the post-review EU SDS process.


Keynote presentations
Session 1: The Rio+20 follow-up

Rio+20 outcome document, objective and targets, and the particular role of Europe

Irene Garcia: Programme Adviser, UN/UNDP, Brussels Office, Belgium

Rio+20 outcome document: Key outputs that inform the SD agenda at the EU level

Jakub Wejchert: Policy Officer for multilateral environmental processes (United Nations), DG Environment, European Commission, Belgium

Rio+20 resultsand their implementation in Europe – the CSOs' view

Pieter de Pous: Policy Director, European Environmental Bureau, Belgium

Session 2: The review of the EU SDS

Review of the EU SDS in 2014 – update and background information

John Watson: Head of Unit, Internal Market and Sustainability, Secretariat-General, European Commission, Belgium

Review of the EU SDS – Importance from a sustainable development perspective

Andreas Versmann: SD Observatory, European Economic and Social Committee, Belgium

Rio+20 follow-up and the review of the EU SDS: Important topics and governance challenges from the Member States’ perspective

Sylvie Delmotte: Federal Foreign Office, Germany

Session 3: Rio+20 results and their consequences for the EU SDS review
Session 4: Potential role and services of the ESDN for the EU SDS