"Sustainable Finance and Sustainability Check: Practical application and experiences in Europe"

27 November 2020

The 5th ESDN Peer Learning Platform, which took place virtually on 27 November 2020, brought together policymakers from the national and regional level to share, exchange, discuss, and learn from one another about the progress being made in European countries on sustainable finance. The Platform was organized by the ESDN in cooperation with the Luxembourg Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development. Representatives from Luxembourg also shared in-depth how they pursue sustainable finance and how they developed a sustainability check. The Platform was divided into 3 Sessions:

  • Session 1:  Luxembourg’s Approach to Sustainable Finance
  • Session 2: National Level Examples of Sustainable Finance
  • Session 3: Luxembourg’s Sustainability Check

All ESDN Peer Learning Platforms operate under the Chatham House rules, so no names are used and no presentations made available outside of the Platform. However, a Platform Report does provide an accurate account of topics discussed during the Platform.



A look at the history of the ESDN reveals that ESDN Peer Learning Platforms have played a prominent role in facilitating policy learning between European policymakers dealing with sustainable development. This section of the website provides a one-stop-shop documentation of all ESDN Peer Learning Platforms so far. Please click on one of the Platforms for more details: