ESDN Policy Briefs are synthesis documents from the ESDN Conferences, Workshops, and Peer Learning Platforms and Visits. Policy Briefs are not only based on presentations given by keynote speakers, but also on the outputs generated by interactive group work between policymakers and experts in sustainable development during these events, which culminate in jointly made recommendations with respect to the topic of the specific ESDN event.

Recommendations for Strengthening Sustainable Finance for the Green Transformation

March 2021

The ESDN Peer Learning Platform was held virtually on 27 November 2020. It was hosted by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development. The Peer Learning Platform is an informal opportunity for policymakers to exchange their experience and advise each other. The Platform runs according to Chatham House Rules. While there is a Report from the event, no names are disclosed in order to allow the participants to exchange their experiences more freely.

This Peer Learning Platform focused on two topics. Firstly, the presentations revolved around developing strategies to make financial systems more sustainable and redirect financial flows towards sustainable activities. The second part focused on policy coherence in national budgets, but also with national policies in general. This included a presentation on the sustainability check that is currently being developed in Luxembourg. The following recommendations were made based on the Platform and address:

Policy Recommendations on:

  1. National Finance Strategies

  2. Labelling Sustainable Financial Products

  3. Sustainable National Budgets

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  • Recommendations for Strengthening Sustainable Finance for the Green Transformation
    Download March 2021

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