Spotlight’s interview with Jasmin Miah

This month’s ESDN spotlight interview features Jasmin Miah, Officer for Governance and Social Innovation at ICLEI Europe. ICLEI is an international network of municipalities and local and regional governments that are committed to sustainable urban development. Jasmine Miah talks about the five pathways that ICLEI has developed to guide all actions and strategies. She explains why cities and local level change are crucial aspects in achieving the SDGs. Therefore, the EU must increase its efforts to include the subnational level in its sustainability strategies and policies.

Equitable and people-centered sustainable development is key to leaving no one behind. According to Jasmin Miah it can help to counteract populism and frustration of voters at the subnational, national and European level. She explains how the Green Deal could achieve just that.

The interview was conducted by Prof. André Martinuzzi, Coordinator of the ESDN Office and Head of the Institute for Managing Sustainability. If you would like to inform colleagues who may be interested in sustainable development, there is a teaser of the interview available on the ESDN’s YouTube Channel.

Disclaimer: This interview was conducted in October 2019 and does not reflect recent developements or impacts of Covid-19!