ESDW 2020 starts this week!

Only a few more days until ESDW 2020!


As of September 15, over 2000 events in 20 countries have already been registered. The high number of events shows the resilience and creativity of the sustainable development community in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the rescheduling of the week from May to September.
Leonore Gewessler, the Austrian Minister for Climate Action has endorsed the ESDW in a post on the website. She calls the week a beacon for sustainable development in Europe. The high number of events each year and the millions of Europeans who attend them show how deeply Europeans care about the issues associated with sustainable development and their commitment to creating a better world for all.
Leonore Gewessler argues that specifically in times of crisis the guidance provided by the principles of sustainable development and the SDGs is needed more than ever. They can provide a compass for a way out of the crisis and to build back better.
The core of the week is between September 20 -26, 2020, but to give more flexibility, events happening from September 18 to October 8 can also be registered. For more information, visit the ESDW website.