Last updated on:
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Our Sustainable Future was prepared following a Public Consultation process in late 2012/early 2013 and a Consultation Conference in the Spring of 2012 where the general public and representatives of a wide range of Non-Governmental bodies participated.
The OSF was approved by Government prior to the World Summit “Rio+20” held in June 2012 as part of Irelands input to the Summit.

Stakeholder engagement is an important part of policy development and implementation in Ireland and key stakeholders were consulted as part of the preparation of the SDG National Implementation Plan 2018-2020. Ireland has established a national SDG Stakeholder Forum to inform further development of the national SDG framework and to provide a mechanism for key stakeholders to be engaged on an ongoing basis in national implementation of the Goals. The first meeting of the Forum was in June 2018 (subsequent meetings were held in October 2018 and January 2019). The Forum comprises representatives from, among others, the NGO community and other civil society groups, the private sector, the trade union movement, the agricultural sector, youth, academia, the education sector, Government Departments, and the Local Government sector. The Forum is convened and chaired by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment. The Forum is intended to provide a mechanism for all stakeholders to discuss national implementation and reporting processes, share examples of best practice in implementing the SDGs, discuss challenges to achieving the SDGs, and to be informed of SDG relevant events and processes taking place internationally. While this knowledge exchange and dialogue within the Stakeholder Forum is extremely important, the Irish Government wants to go further in developing a partnership approach to implementing the SDGs. As a first step in this process, the Stakeholder Forum will asked to develop proposals for raising public awareness of the SDGs and fostering public engagement with initiatives to achieve the Goals. This participative approach to stakeholder engagement draws on the experience of Ireland’s Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] Forum. While the range of stakeholders will be significantly wider in relation to the SDGs, and this can be expected to present challenges to the “bedding in” of the new Forum, Ireland considers that enhancing stakeholder participation over the lifetime of the National Implementation Plan is a priority.

There is also a bottom up alliance of NGOs, called "Coalition 2030".