Last updated on:
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

With the support of the Government Envoy for civil society development (in Slovak), the DPMO has set up a participative way of preparing key documents for the 2030 Agenda national implementation with the aim to create the ownership of the national SD goals and strategies.

In 2018, the six national priorities for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda were defined in a broad stakeholder participation process involving civil society organisations, institutions and associations, think tanks, universities, academia, municipalities, regions, business associations and trade unions. Participative process was facilitated by an external organization with the expertise in this field.

In 2019, experts from various sectors / organisations participated in formulation of the Vision and National Development Strategy (government approval pending).

In September 2019, DPMO organized a National Convent, seeking wide support from all stakeholders for the proposed Vision and National Development Strategy.

The 2030 Agenda Coordination Departement of DPMO has established a successful cooperation with the Pontis Foundation, presenting a special award for contribution to SDGs within their Via Bona Slovakia Award.

Information available in Slovak here.

Slovakia is finalising a procurement of the new participatory process to define national priorities of sustainable development 2050. This activity will be based on the update of the national Agenda 2030 priorities, taking into account the latest developments, like the outputs of the Glasgow Climate Conference, Impacts of Coronavirus and Strategic Foresight 2050 of the European Commission