Last updated on:
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

A working group consisting of representatives from all ministries, the Association of Local Authorities in Iceland,Statistics Iceland and the Parliament, as well as observers from the Youth Council for the SDGs and the UN Association in Iceland has been working on the implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals since 2017. The representative of the Prime Minister’s Office is chairman of the group and the Foreign Ministry’s representative vice-chairman.

According to the government’s decision, the principal task of the working group initially was to analyse the status of the targets for the SDGs, draft a status report with proposals on prioritisation of targets for the government, and set forth proposals for future arrangements and procedures in connection with the implementation of the goals in Iceland. In particular, the SDG working group was to look at how to integrate the implementation of the SDGs with government policy and planning and how to work on implementation of the goals in cooperation with domestic stakeholders.