Last updated on:
Tuesday, 18 August 2020
Year of approval of the SD strategy and updates

The NSDS was approved by the Estonian Parliament in 2005.

Type of SD strategy

The NSDS covers the basic three dimensions of SD, plus the sustainability of Estonian culture.

  • The viability of the Estonian cultural space
  • The growth of welfare
  • A socially coherent society
  • Ecological balance
Lead ministry/institution in the SD strategy process

The Ministry of Environment was responsible for developing the NSDS. The implementation of the strategy is now coordinated by the Government Office in order to ensure better horizontal integration.

Link to the SD strategy document

In 2017, the list of sustainable development indicators were updated and 2018 The Statistics Office published an overview.

Further information about the SD strategy process

In 2020, the long term strategy “Estonia 2035“ will be adopted. The goal of the strategy is to provide a long-term sustainable direction for Estonia’s development.