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Tuesday, 18 August 2020
Year of approval of the SD strategy and updates

The NSDS, the Sustainable Development Strategy of Latvia until 2030 (Latvia 2030), was approved by the government and adopted by the Parliament (Saeima) on June 10th 2010.

On February 25th 2020, the Latvian government approved the National Development Plan 2021-2027 for consideration by the Parliament. The plan defines the strategic goals, priorities, measures, and indicative investment needs to achieve sustainable and balanced development in the upcoming seven years. It was co-created by over 150 different stakeholders working in six working groups organised by the Cross Sectoral Coordination Centre under the Prime Minister. Over 1400 comments were received in the public discussion on the draft document. Once approved by the Parliament, the National Development Plan will guide state budget and EU Fund investments.

The NDP covers the Sustainable Development Goals and comprises over 100 indicators.

Type of SD strategy

The NSDS, Latvia 2030, is the core long-term strategic planning document (until 2030) and includes long-term priorities, respective goals and action lines. The medium-term National Development Plan for 2014-2020 (NDP2020) and sectoral policy planning documents contribute to the implementation of the NSDS. Planning documents of regions and municipalities are developed in compliance with the goals of the NSDS and to support implementation of the NSDS.

Lead ministry/institution in the SD strategy process

Responsibility for the NSDS lies with the Cross Sectoral Coordination Centre, established on December 1st 2011, that answers directly to the Prime Minister.

Link to the SD strategy document
Further information about the SD strategy process

On December 20, 2012, the Parliament (Saeima) approved the National Development Plan for 2014-2020 (NDP2020), which is the current medium-term plan for the implementation of Sustainable Development Strategy of Latvia. A combined report on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy of Latvia and the National Development Plan 2014-2020 (in Latvian) was developed by the Cross Sectoral Coordination Centre and presented to the Parliament (Saeima) on February 21, 2018.  A key priority is to ensure the implementation of the NDP through the annual medium-term budget planning process, resulting in an allocation of available financing for priority measures included in the NDP to achieve the medium-term performance indicators.