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81. Policymaker  
The ESDN is, at its core, a network of policymakers and public servants in sustainable development in European national (and regional) governments. As a policymaker, you set the framework for other  
82. Researcher  
Evidence-based policymaking is a key principle in sustainable development. Scientists are needed to evaluate new policies regarding their effectiveness, spill-over effects and trade-offs. As a membe  
83. CSO  
As a Civil Society Organisation, you are the key link between policymakers and governments and the people sustainable development policy is intended to serve. As a member of the ESDN, you have direc  
84. Business  
Businesses are core stakeholders in sustainable development. Business innovation is crucial in achieving the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. The ESDN annual Conference brings t  
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86. Budgeting for the SDGs  
"Budgeting for the SDGs" The 4th ESDN Peer Learning Platform and Visit, which took place on 6-7 March 2019, brought together policymakers from the national and regional level to share, exchange, di  
87. Blog  
Receive first-hand information on experiences, concerns and practical SDG implementation activities and get to know the people and policymakers behind the ESDN! The ESDN will feature blog entr  
88. Sustainable Finance and Sustainability Check  
"Sustainable Finance and Sustainability Check: Practical application and experiences in Europe" The 5th ESDN Peer Learning Platform, which took place virtually on 27 November 2020, brought together p  
89. Voluntary National Reviews at the HLPF  
"Voluntary National Reviews at the UN High Level Political Forum: Experience Exchange and Learning” The 2nd ESDN Peer Learning Platform brought together policymakers who have already completed their  
90. Policy Coherence and Cooperation  
"Policy coherence and cooperation for the 2030 Agenda and SDGs implementation" The 1st ESDN Peer Learning Platform offered policymakers from all European countries, experts and selected stakeholders  
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