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51. Financial Markets in the Context of SD  
European policy experiences UK: Financial markets, institutions and policies in the UK– a sustainability perspective Chiara von Gunten: Branch Director, Z/Yen Group Limited, UK & Programme M  
52. Perspectives for European SD Policy  
SD policy & governance in Europe in the context of EU policy strategies – the stakeholder perspective Jan-Gustav Strandenaes: Senior Advisor, Northern Alliance for Sustainability (ANPED)  
53. Reforms for Measuring Welfare and Wealth  
Defining linkages and challenges between sustainable development policy and welfare measurement Ian Johnson: Secretary-General, Club of Rome Paper from Ian Johnson on "The New Economics of Gro  
54. Green Growth towards a Sustainable Economy?  
International level OECD: Green Growth Strategy Alain de Serres: Senior Economist, Economics Department, OECD UNEP: Green Economy Initiative/Green New Deal Christophe Bouvier: Director of Re  
55. New Driver for SD Strategies  
Germany: State Secretaries’ Committee for Sustainable Development Stefan Bauernfeind: German Federal Chancellery, Germany UK: Environmental Audit Committee in the UK Parliament Gordon Clarke:  
56. Post-2010: The Future of the EU SDS  
Current discourse, review mechanisms and planned initiatives on EU strategies post-2010: Lisbon Strategy and EU SDS Martin Ahbe: Secretariat-General of the European Commission, Belgium The 3rd  
57. Experiences with Participatory Tools  
Participation in the context of NSDS processes Gerald Berger: ESDN Office, Austria & Anneke von Raggamby: Ecologic, Germany The 2nd ESDN Workshop was hosted by the ESDN in cooperation w  
58. SD Indicators at the EU level  
Sustainable Development Indicators on European level: Where is the value-added? Martin Ahbe: Secretariat-General of the European Commission, Belgium Results of 3 parallel working groups Worki  
59. Parliamentary Mechanisms 2030 Agenda Implementation  
Denmark: 2030 Panel Clara Halvorsen, Vice-Chair of the 2030 Panel, Denmark Hungary: National Council for Sustainable Development Erzsébet Schmuck, Member of the National Assembly (MP), President  
60. SDGs and Human Rights  
SDGs and Human Rights Tool Micah Grzywnowicz, Senior Advisor, Human Rights and Sustainable Development, Danish Institute for Human Rights, Denmark Gender, Women and Girls Anne Goedert, Ambas  
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