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41. SD Transformation and Populism  
Stella Schaller and Alexander Carius (Adelphi, Germany) “Populism and Sustainable Development Policy in Europe” Heather Grabbe (Director, Open Society European Policy Institute, Belgium)  
42. Challenges and responses to COVID-19  
Contribution of Sustainable Finance and the Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy to the EU’s green, equitable and resilient economic recovery following the COVID-19 outbreak Emmanuel Buttin: Exper  
43. Communication of SD and the SDGs  
The Role of Communication for Sustainable Development and the SDGs: Objectives and Specific Challenges Katharina Kleinen-von Königslöw: Professor for Journalism and Communication Sciences, Digita  
44. 2030 Agenda at the Local Level  
Finland’s Carbon Neutral Municipalities Project Pasi Tainio: Finnish Environment Institute, Finland Local Agenda 21 and the SDGs: Experiences of Hannover Susanne Wildermann: Director of the Ha  
45. Developing the ESDN Peer Learning Approach  
Panel Discussion ‘UN experiences with Peer Reviews and Peer Learning in the context of the 2030 Agenda for SD: reflections towards the National Reviews at the UN High Level Political Forum Wondw  
46. Strengthening SD Dialogue in Europe  
Importance of stakeholder engagement and participation in the 2030 SD Agenda implementation Stefanos Fotiou: Head of Unit - Cities and Lifestyles, UNEP, Switzerland Added value and challenges of  
47. Monitoring and Reviewing the SDGs  
Impulse talk on multi-level and multi-regional reviewing Marianne Beisheim: German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), Germany European Union’s perspective: monitoring, accou  
48. Transformative Environmental Policy  
Overview on international and European transformative processes and their link to strategies for sustainable development Gerald Berger & Umberto Pisano: ESDN Office Team at the Institute for M  
49. Fostering Urban SD  
Global Task force of Local and Regional Governments for post-2015 development agenda towards Habitat III Frédéric Vallier: Secretary General of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions(C  
50. The Future of the EU SDS  
Rio+20 outcome document, objective and targets, and the particular role of Europe Irene Garcia: Programme Adviser, UN/UNDP, Brussels Office, Belgium Rio+20 outcome document: Key outputs that inf  
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