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21. Stakeholder-Policy Cooperation  
Günther Bachmann, “Stakeholder-Policy Cooperation in the Age of the SDGs: Experiences, Practical Examples, and Impulses for Future Success” Monika Linn, “Stakeholder-Policy Cooperation for SD:  
22. European Green Deal  
Panel Discussion Daniela Jacob: Co-Chair of the Science Platform Sustainability 2030, Germany Jock Martin: Head of Integrated Assessments for Sustainability (IAS), European Environmental Agency  
23. Strategic Governance for SD  
Better Policies for Sustainable Development: OECD’s New Framework for Policy Coherence Ebba Dohlman: Senior Advisor, Policy Coherence for Development, OECD Introduction: The Reality of Policy Co  
24. Vertical integration: 2030 Agenda  
Practical examples of vertical integration, cooperation and interaction between political levels in selected SD policy sectors Austria: Sustainable Event Management Wolfram Tertschnig: ESDN  
25. Implementation of the 2030 Agenda  
‘Transforming our World’–The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Approach for a new universal and transformative agenda for sustainable development David Donoghue: Co-chair of the Post-2015 D  
26. Renewed Policy Framework for SD  
National SD strategy process in Southern and Eastern Europe in the context of current socio-economic and environmental challenges Umberto Pisano & Katrin Lepuschitz: ESDN Office at the Instit  
27. National SD Strategies in Europe  
Experiences with National Sustainable Development Strategies (NSDSs) in Europe –the last 10 yearsand taking stock of the current situation André Martinuzzi & Gerald Berger: ESDN Office, Resear  
28. Rio+20: Implications for SD Policy  
From Rio to Rio+20 –The ongoing challenge of integrating the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development in Europe William M. Lafferty: ProSus Perspectives, Norway E  
29. European Resource Policies in SD  
Resources as subject of economic, social and ecological systems – challenges for an integrated resource approach in Europe Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker: Co-Chair, International Resource Panel, UNE  
30. Towards an Economy compatible with SD  
Switching to a sustainable society and economy on the wake of the financial turbulence – governance perspectives Tim O’Riordan: University of East Anglia, co-chair of the EEAC Sustainable Developm  
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