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11. SDG Implementation in Policymaking  
Workshop Day 1 22 May Culture, Art, and Sustainability: Opportunities and Mutual Inspiration, Including the Project “17 Museums x 17 SDGs" Bettina Leidl, Director of Museums Quartier Vienna,  
12. One goal, Two Toolboxes - Practical support for Swiss cantons, municipalities, and businesses in implementing the 2030 Agenda  
What is the backdrop for developing the Agenda 2030 Toolbox? The 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy (2030 SDS) sets out the guidelines for the Federal Council’s sustainability policy and establish  
13. Conferences  
The ESDN is happy to announce that the ESDN Conference 2024 will be taking place in Brussels, Belgium on 05-06 June 2024! The title of this year’s Conference is “Upgrading Europe: Building Transform  
14. “Sustainable Romania" Project - An example of efficient use of European funds for SDG implementation  
"Sustainable Romania" Project On December 8, 2023, the “Sustainable Romania” project held a concluding conference, which signified the culmination of the "Sustainable Romania" project, serving as the primary platform for the devel  
15. Luxembourg's Sustainability Check  
Luxembourg's Sustainability Check The Sustainability Check (Nohaltegkeetscheck) is a tool for supporting and self-assessing draft laws in relation to their impact on sustainable development in Luxembourg. It allows for better ownershi  
16. Peer Learning  
The 8th ESDN Peer Learning Platform and Visit was held in Bern, Switzerland on 09 – 10 November 2023! The topic of the Peer Learning Platform and Visit was “Spillover Effects in the Contex  
17. People  
László Borbély (Romania)   State Counsellor, National SDG Coordinator Prime Minister's Office - Department of Sustainable Development   ESDN Office Sandra Pellegrom   N  
18. Policy Briefs  
Past ESDN Policy Briefs ESDN Policy Briefs are synthesis documents from the ESDN Conferences, Workshops, and Peer Learning Platforms and Visits. Policy Briefs are not only based on  
19. Newsletters  
The ESDN Newsletter keeps you up to date about upcoming events, the newest publications and recent developments in sustainable development in Europe. The Newsletter gives an overview about n  
20. Sustainable Europe 2030  
„Beyond Growth – Indicators and politics for people and planet”, Helsinki, 28-29 October 2019” An international knowledge co-creation event Beyond Growth – Indicators and politics for people and p  
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