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91. Basics of SD Strategies  
An SD strategy should define a common long-term vision for SD; The vision for SD should be operationalised with strategic objectives that are SMART, i.e.: Specific (ideally stating a quant  
"CIVIL SOCIETY AND CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT AND ENGAGEMENT FOR THE 2030 AGENDA" The 6th ESDN Peer Learning Platform took place on August 30 - 31, 2021 in Mariehamn, Åland Islands. It was organised by the  
93. Tracking the RECOVERY with the OECD COVID-19 DASHBOARD  
Since February 2020, the OECD has been tracking the economic consequences of the pandemic. In this Spotlight Video, Žiga Žarnič, OECD, explains the new OECD COVID-19 recovery dashboard, which measures  
94. Involving Youth in Policy Making - 9th ESDN Policy Brief  
Involving Youth in Policy Making Sustainable development requires the involvement of young people into all decisions on sustainability and their implementation. But Youth sometimes faces a lack of opportunities, not enough knowledge  
95. Putting the European Green Deal to work  
Hans Bruyninckx, the executive director of the European Environmental Agency, shows in this Spotlight Video how the Green Deal is not just a green agenda, but a broader political and economic investme  
96. Building Forward Better Mechanisms for Sustainable Development  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsKCwVujI_Q Coming out of the pandemic, Europe's economy looks much better than many predicted. In this Spotlight Video, Magdalena Morgese Borys from the EU Commission Secretariat General explains how coordinated  
97. Reality Check on Responsible Sourcing: Trends, Obstacles and Opportunities  
RE-SOURCING Virtual Conference on 7-13 November 2022 Are you looking for a deep-dive into some of the most significant developments and challenges in the field of responsible sourcing for mineral raw  
98. SDGs and Recovery on the Local Level  
SDGs and Recovery on the Local Level ''This opportunity is not one that we can afford to miss!" says Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga (Portugal) and Rapporteur at the European Committee of the Regions in this Spotlight Video. At this critical  
99. We need critical mass for sustainable business!  
Can companies be a driver for sustainable change? And if so, how? Jan Noeterdame, Co-Founder of CSR Europe, is certain that the key is to gain critical mass, both of passionate people within a compa  
100. European Sustainable Development Week 2022  
Last year, more than 5,000 events reached more than 10 million people all over Europe. With your help, this year it can be even bigger! The ESDW 2022 will take place from 18 September – 08 October.  
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