Since 2007, the ESDN has been organizing thematic Workshops in order to facilitate informal exchange of standpoints and experiences between ESDN Members. This section of the website provides a one-stop-shop documentation of all ESDN Workshops so far. Please click on one of the Workshops for more details. Some photo albums can also be found below. 

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Information on the 21st ESDN Workshop

The 21st ESDN Workshop will be taking place in Vienna, Austria on 22-23 May 2023! The ESDN is organizing the Workshop in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service, and Sport, as well as the Federal Chancellery.

This year’s Workshop will be slightly different regarding the topics, as we will be having two different topics for the Workshop (one topic on the 22nd and the other topic on the 23rd). The Workshop is scheduled to begin in the afternoon on 22 May, where the topic will be “Culture and Sustainable Development”. This is a topic the ESDN has not yet covered, and we are looking forward to interesting presentations. Please note that there will also be a dinner following the afternoon program. The following day, 23 May, will begin in the morning on the topic of “SDG Implementation in Policymaking – Approaches in SDG Budgeting, Mainstreaming, and Performance Management”. This will be an all-day event.

The ESDN hopes you will be able to attend the Workshop and continue to celebrate 20 years of ESDN with us! We look forward to seeing many of you in Vienna next month! On 22 May, we will hear how different cultural institutions and countries are dealing with the SDGs through the culture lens. On 23 May, the focus will shift, and we will have keynote speakers offer the Workshop framing on SDG implementation in policymaking, looking at the different approaches that can be used in performance management. This will be followed by the Exchange Spaces, which are a mainstay of the ESDN. The Exchange Spaces will allow participants to visit up to three different ‘Spaces’ to hear from different colleagues on “Practical Experiences and Good Practices in Effective SDG Implementation with Different Approaches”.

A draft of the Workshop agenda can be found below.