ESDN Conference 2011

Framing and Focussing: European Resource Policies in the Context of Sustainable Development

Szentendre 27 - 29 June 2011

The ESDN Conference 2011 took place in Szentendre (near Budapest) in Hungary on 27-29 June 2011. The conference was organized by the ESDN in cooperation with the Hungarian EU Presidency.

The conferencehad two main objectives:

  • to broaden the discussion on resource policies in Europe, advocating a more comprehensive approach from a sustainable development perspective (e.g. addressing the link between resource efficiency and the rebound effect, tackling cross-sectoral pressures and challenges resulting from resource availability and accessibility and exploitation/utilization patterns, inter-relationship between resources, governance challenges), and
  • to develop recommendations for the EU and Member States on integrated resource policies in the context of sustainable development, particularly with regard to the Europe 2020 flagship initiative, “A resource-efficient Europe” (COM(2011) 21), and the Road Map that will be developed to implement this flagship initiative.
Keynote Presentations
Session 1: Resource policies in Europe – framing of key issues in the context of sustainable development

Resources as subject of economic, social and ecological systems – challenges for an integrated resource approach in Europe

Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker: Co-Chair, International Resource Panel, UNEP

Perspectives and challenges to move forward in resource policy in Europe

Jacqueline McGlade: Executive Director, European Environment Agency (EEA)

Resources as subject of policies in Europe – key issues in the context of sustainable development and the question of consistency

Miranda Schreurs: Chair of the European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC) & Professor of Environmental Policy at Free University of Berlin, Germany

Policy instruments for resource policy: The resource policy approach of the Green Growth Strategy

Helen Mountford: Deputy Director of Environment, OECD

The policy approach of the Europe 2020 Strategy: Flagship initiative “A resource-efficient Europe”

Carina Vopel: Director Strategy, DG Environment, European Commission

Session 2: Working groups – different dimensions of resource policies in Europe

Working group discussions: Recommendations for resource policies in Europe

WG 1 "Innovation dimension"

Inge Lardinois: Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, Netherlands

Luisa Prista: DG Research & Innovation, European Commission

WG 2 "Security of supply/resource security"

Robert Holnsteiner: Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth, Austria

WG 3 "Ecological and social rucksacks and rebounds"

Tibor Farago: Hon. Prof. St. Istvan University, Hungary; Representative of Hungarian Society of Nature Conservationists

WG 4 "Resource policies and governance challenges"

Daniel Wachter: Federal Office for Spatial Development, Switzerland

Sustainable consumption in Europe - update on two FP7 research projects (RESPONDER and CORPUS) & their link to ESDN

André Martinuzzi: ESDN Office & Research Institute for Managing Sustainability, Vienna University of Economics

Gerald Berger: ESDN Office & Research Institute for Managing Sustainability, Vienna University of Economics

Panel discussion: How are key stakeholders driving the agenda on resource policies and management in Europe?

Luisa Prista: Head of Unit Environmental Technologies, DG Research & Innovation

Salla Ahonen: Director Environmental Policy, Nokia5

Jeremy Wates: Secretary General, European Environmental Bureau (EEB)

Marta Szigeti Bonifert: Executive Director, Regional Environmental Center (REC) for Central and Eastern Europe

Iván Gyulai: Director, Ecological Institute for Sustainable Development, Hungary