Last updated on:
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

The Maltese Government has always recognised the important role of NGOs in pushing forward the sustainable development agenda. NGOs, through their activities, are contributing in the planning of economic, social and environmental policies. Such input is essential to move forward and change challenges into opportunities for further social cohesion while ensuring a higher and more dignified standard of living for all members of Maltese society.

In this regard, the Maltese Government in 2017 has set up the Sustainable Development Fund. The Fund has been set up for voluntary and non-governmental organisations which are actively involved in different economic, social and environmental areas and which through their work these organisations contribute to the aim of reaching the SDGs. The first call for project proposals was issued on 13 November 2017. A second call for project proposals was then issued on 26 September 2022. This fund helps to ensure responsibility so that everyone’s decisions and actions lead to Sustainable Development including the civil society.

During 2021, the Government also embarked on a new project through which every newborn will receive a starter-kit that will help guardians to shift towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly upbringing of their child from a young age. The sustainable baby box includes eco-friendly and safe baby products. The starter-kit aims to truly ingrain the concept of sustainability from a very young age as well as increase awareness on reusable baby products as alternatives to single-use and disposable items. Moreover, in order to foster a culture of reading from an early age, a set of books are being distributed with the sustainable baby box.

Local Councils in Malta also have a crucial role to play in translating national polices into tangible practical actions that can help to concretise the sustainable development objectives into our individual and communities’ behaviours. Through the Sustainable Localities Scheme, the Government provides grants to local councils to engage in infrastructural projects aimed at safeguarding the environment, social well-being and economic growth, with the aim of recognising and supporting local community’s efforts and to incentivise further sustainable initiatives. The first call of this scheme was issued in August 2022.

In addition, on 22 September 2022, the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise and the Kunsill Nazzjonali taż-Żgħażagħ signed a Memorandum of Understanding in relation to the SDG Champions Initiative with the aim of creating more awareness among young people about sustainable development and the SDGs. Through this initiative, Government gave an opportunity to five young people, known as SDG Champions, who have sustainability at heart and who wish to inspire positive change, by representing and advocating for one of the five pillars of the SDGs, these being people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership.

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