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Last updated on:
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Compliance of other sectoral and regional strategic documents, programs and measures with the Czech Republic 2030, its fulfillment, the application of the principles of sustainable development, improvements in wellbeing and quality of life and progress on the national goals will be monitored and evaluated in an evaluation report (Report on the Quality of Life and its Sustainability), which is going to be submitted to the Government in three-year intervals.

The core of the report will be an analytical part, which will evaluate fulfilling of the Czech Republic's 2030 goals through specific measures and recommendations from the Implementation plan. The source for elaboration of the report will be reports from the responsible ministries on activities to implement the measures and recommendations of the Implementation plan, which will  be submitted to the MoE in three-year intervals (the first reports will be submitted by the responsible ministries by 31st March 2020). The report will be build on 192 indicators of Czech Republic 2030 designed to operationalize its 97 specific goals/targets, and parallel set of indicators measuring progress in wellbeing. It will include recommendations for policies, strategic documents, concepts, programs and measures based on the compliance assessment results. Other parts of the report will take into account the level of public engagement in implementation, methodological support for municipalities and developing tools for sustainable development. Together with the report will be submitted also a proposal for the Implementation plan update to match the results of the analysis, the development of quality of life indicators, new trends and expertise.

Data will be collected and indicators prepared by the respective Committee of the GCSD under the auspice of the Czech Statistical Office. A draft report will be then prepared by the Sustainable Development Unit (MoE) and accordingly consulted with the relevant Committees, approved by GCSD, will undergo interdepartmental consulting procedure and will be submitted to the Government. At the end of 2020, the first evaluation reports will be available, both from fulfilling of the Czech Republic 2030 and of the Implementing the 2030 Agenda in the Czech Republic.

Voluntary National Review (VNR)

The Czech Republic underwent VNR for the first time in 2017, at which time the Strategic Framework Czech Republic 2030 was only recently adopted. The results in the 2017 VNR were based on the OECD Study Measuring the Distance to SDGs Targets. The Czech Republic will submit its second VNR in 2021.