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Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Partnership and stakeholder engagement are one of the guiding principles, which run through all priority areas of the Czech SD strategic framework. The Czech Republic 2030 is a result of a participatory process lasting more than a year, mostly on the platform of the GCSD. It involved hundreds of experts from different sectors, including the work of the nine GCSD Committees and several working groups, a series of round tables formed around the key areas, CSO platform consultations, discussion in both chambers of Parliament. Experts from various ministries and committees of the GCSD were also involved in the preparations of the Implementation plan and 8 round tables were organized in regional cities with the participation of dozens of representatives from the public and non-governmental sectors at the regional and local level. The aim of the round tables was, in addition to introduction of the goals of the Czech Republic 2030, mainly to obtain suggestions for the implementation document that would take into an account the specifics of the regional and local levels and to create a network of future co-workers who could help to implement, monitor and evaluate the fulfillment of the Czech Republic’s 2030 goals. Such an integrated approach, where all relevant sectors are included, is vital for addressing such a complex agenda successfully.

The Minister of the Environment is responsible for ensuring the involvement of all relevant actors, both generally in the implementation process and in the case of evaluation reports.

In terms of outreach and communication, the MoE has an internal communication strategy focused on raising awareness on sustainable development issues and the SDGs in particular, including the Czech Republic 2030. Stakeholder engagement has to-date been promoted by membership in the Government Council for Sustainable Development and its 9 committees and also by the activities (such as regional consultations and regional round tables) of the SD Unit.  

The Czech Republic has been inspired by the Finnish crowdsourcing model to create the concept of voluntary commitments to individual objectives of the Czech Republic 2030, with the possibility of non-governmental entities and individuals to support the implementation of the framework. Individual commitments, including the date of their fulfillment and indicators, are made public and recorded on the website. This platform also helps to share good practice in relation to the Czech Republic’s 2030 implementation and is administered by the SD Unit within the MoE.

In order to ensure communication and popularization of sustainable development, the Sustainable Development Forum and European Sustainable Development Week are organized by the SD Unit annually.

Apart from the official multi-stakeholder coordinating bodies, the MoE is partner of “SDGs Awards” organized by the Social Responsibility Association, which helps companies and general public to raise their awareness of sustainable development and the SDGs.