Last updated on:
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Stakeholder engagement is crucial to the effective mainstreaming of sustainable development across government. The UK engaged with stakeholders throughout the preparation of the Voluntary National Review, with multiple phases of engagement:

  1. A national call for contributions resulting on over 270 submissions from across the UK.
  2. DFID attendance at stakeholder events across the UK to discuss the VNR process, hear views and inform early drafting.
  3. Goal specific outreach by Government departments leading on Goal-specific chapters.
  4. Sector specific engagement events held in March 2019, targeting civil society, faith groups, the private sector and Parliamentarians amongst others, supplemented by a survey to allow electronic submissions from those who could not attend in person.
  5. After the VNR was finalised, we held a ‘lessons learned’ stakeholder engagement event to encourage further improvements going forward.

The UK continues to engage with various groups of NGOs, private organisations and civil society to ensure that sustainable development is supported by efforts across society.