Last updated on:
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

During the two years of project implementation (December 2005 – December 2007), the project has engaged several international and more than 50 domestic experts in the Strategy-drafting process, including a large variety of institutions, the academic community, NGOs and stakeholders, and organized a widely-inclusive participative process. The first draft of the NSDS of the Republic of Serbia has been presented in August 2007, followed by a 3-month public debate campaign on the draft strategy in more than 20 towns and cities throughout Serbia. The public debate campaign was organized in cooperation with non-governmental organizations and the representatives of local self-government.

In the late 2007, The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister initiated the founding of the “Friends of Sustainable Serbia” group. This group gathers the key stakeholders with the goal of providing support for NSDS implementation. Currently, the group is being strengthened and it is gaining more members, and the “Friends of Sustainable Serbia” conference will be held in the March of 2009, when the group’s program will be officially launched and the achieved results related to the NSDS design and implementation will be presented.