Last updated on:
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

The national Environmental Status Report periodically reports on status of environment and sustainable development on the basis of the National indicator list  and indicators listed in the NSSD.

In addition to that the Information System for Strategic Planning and Development Management was established in early 2019 to allow for electronic storage and collection of statistical and financial data required  for  monitoring  and  reporting  on  the  implementation  of  strategic  planning  acts  at  national,  regional  and  local  level,  thus  allowing  the  monitoring  of  implementation  activities  contributing  to  the  achievement  of  the  2030  UN  Agenda  for  Sustainable  Development  in  Croatia. For  the  purpose  of  disseminating  the  results  and  the  status  of  implementation  the  sustainable  development  key  indicators  to  the  wider  public,  the  Croatian  Bureau  of  Statistics  has  designed  an  internet  portal  modelled  after  the  UN  portal  Sustainable  Development  Knowledge  Platform.