Last updated on:
Thursday, 25 January 2024

The National Institute of Statistics (NIS), in cooperation with DSD, updates the national set of indicators based on the new priority goals established in the Strategy and taking into account the set of indicators established at UN and EU level for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for SD, in order to measure the SDGs implementation progress at the national level.

Current national SD indicators from NIS database pursuing the objectives settled by the National Strategy for Sustainable Development - Horizon 2013 - 2020 - 2030 are developed based on the information available to the National Institute of Statistics, Ministry of Environment and institutions subordinated or its coordination, according to the EU methodologies.

The current database of SD indicators for Romania (IDDR) includes 103 indicators with data series available in the national statistical system since 2000.

DSD is implementing a 3-year project ”Sustainable Romania”, funded by European Funds. The project supports the up-dating of an existing multidisciplinary statistical data aggregator. This open data platform, also called ”Sustainable Romania”, will be part of the mechanism for monitoring and reporting the implementation of the national SDGs, designed as a working tool for rigorous and objective substantiation of decision-making processes and for strategic documents within the central and local administration. It will provide for the decision makers information on national SD statistical indicators and European SD indicators, as well as subjective indicators, resulting from measuring the population perception on SDGs.

The Advisory Council for Sustainable Development validated a new set of national sustainable development indicators comprising 243 unique indicators, of which 99 are primary and 192 are additional. To ensure the appropriate framework for monitoring the progress in achieving the 2030 targets, a formal document of collaboration between the Department for Sustainable Development with the National Institute of Statistics and the ministries (through the nuclei for Sustainable Development), respectively an inter-institutional collaboration agreement, is in preparation.

Romania has built and implemented an open access online database that integrates statistics specific to sustainable development, both objective and subjective, in order to effectively understand and track the progress of the implementation  for the 17 sustainable  development goals on our way to a sustainable  future. For now the site is in Romanian, but it is intuitive and can be browsed to vizualize how data are represented.