Last updated on:
Tuesday, 30 January 2024

In parallel to the elaboration of the national plan for sustainable development, a working group of the Commission on sustainable development was working on indicators with the ambition to set up a statistical system dedicated to sustainable development indicators enabling the evaluation and monitoring of both global, regional and national indicators.

The transmission of data regarding regional and global indicators is functioning on the basis of a data flow model between ministers and STATEC and Eurostat and STATEC and UN Agency.

The work has been organized following the working methods as follows:

  • select the relevant targets for Luxembourg
  • identify the so-called statistical targets
  • select the indicators
  • assess the evolutions 

For the communication and dissemination purposes, a bicephal approach has been chosen. For providers of data, timetables for transmission of data have been developed, for the general public, a brochure with infographics has been published. There is free access to data sets for analysts. 

The entire set of indicators used by Luxembourg can be found at the Administration for Statistics.