Last updated on:
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

For  the  purpose  of  coordinating  the  implementation  of  sustainable  development  goals,  the  Government  of  the  Republic  of  Croatia  established  the  National  Council  for  Sustainable  Development  in  January  2018. National  Council  for  Sustainable  Development  is  chaired  by  the  Prime  Minister  and  its  members  are  heads  of  relevant  ministries  (i.e.  members  of  the  Cabinet),  representative  from  the  Office  of  the  President  of  the  Republic,  as  well  as  heads  of  the  Government’s  Office  for  Human  Rights  and  National  Minorities,  Government’s  Office  for  Civil  Sector,  Government’s  Office  for  Gender  Equality  and  the  Croatian  Bureau  of  Statistics. Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs acts as SDGs coordinator, as secretariat for the new Council for SD.

Mechanisms of horizontal integration are also described in the Environmental Protection Act that prescribed that development documents pertaining to individual areas and activities cannot be in contravention to the NSSD.

For the purpose of developing the sectoral strategic documents, usual procedure in Croatia starts with interdepartmental consultations at the very beginning of the preparation phase. This is followed by establishment of the working groups composed of representatives of various stakeholders e.g. government bodies, institutions and agencies, business and civil society – which are working together to draft the document.