Last updated on:
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

The NSDS presents the three sustainable development pillars in separate chapters in which the cross-sectoral issues are adequately covered. The Action Plan for NSDS implementation is designed in the same way. It presents all three sustainable development pillars in separate chapters and defines in detail all the measures and activities (mostly implemented by the Ministry), as well as the cost assessment and the sources of funding. The Action Plan monitors other sectoral strategies in Serbia, in the goal of integrating different sectoral strategies’ goals and approaches with the NSDS in order to avoid parallel structures when coordinating the implementation.

The constitutional session of the Sustainable Development Council, which represents an inter-ministerial coordination body, was held in January of 2008. The Council is chaired by the Deputy Prime Minster for European Integrations, and its members are several ministers and representatives of ministries in their role of competent institutions for the implementation of the NSDS, as well as the representatives of the Secretariat of “Sustainable Development“ project and of three NGOs. The basic goal of the Council is to give recommendations on the NSDS development and implementation process as well as to contribute to the coordinated implementation of the NSDS by different sectors.