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Tuesday, 18 August 2020

In implementing the Agenda 2030, Malta shall follow the following approach:

1)      National Sustainable Development Strategy

Malta’s national Sustainable Development Strategy sets out Malta’s themes and principles for achieving sustainable development. These themes reflect the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainability, and are closely aligned with the SDGs.

2)      Mainstreaming the SDGs

The mainstreaming of sustainable development principles as outlined in the Sustainable Development Act (2012) within Government’s policies, plans, programmes and projects is paramount in ensuring coherence. By adopting a sustainable development mind-set in the workings of Government, we can ensure that all Entities and Departments are working in unison and towards a single goal.

In this regard, Malta is adopting a ‘whole-of-government’ approach, which means that every Ministry will have a role in implementing the Goals. Government will also be mainstreaming the SDGs across all policy areas. This means that new policies will reflect Malta’s commitments with regard to the SDGs, and that when policies are reviewed the SDGs will be taken into consideration. An important first step in this mainstreaming process is mapping existing national policies against the SDGs.

3)      Integrating the SDG’s into the National Budgeting Process

The commitment of Malta to align its budget measures with SDGs was announced by the Prime Minister in September 2019, whereby the Maltese Government expressed its commitment to ensure that, as of Budget 2020, the measures therein will be aligned to SDGs.

The SD Proofing of the national budget process improves overall policy coherence, which reinforces the very nature of the SDGs as being overarching and intertwined. A coherent budget avoids conflicts between different resource allocations, and sees that budgets are in line with other EU and international commitments,

The aims behind the SDG alignment which will be conducted annually are to:

i)       Strengthen and consolidate the planning process by Ministries through the integration of the SDGs in the planning phases of a policy, programme, project or initiative;

Establish milestones in Action Plans, through which Ministries will be expected to contribute towards mainstreaming sustainable development practices whilst also addressing SDGs Indicators.

Leading Ministry and respective unit

Ministry within the Office of the Prime Minister (Responsible for Sustainable Development, Social Dialogue and the Implementation of Electoral Manifesto)

Sustainable Development Directorate

Other ministries involved

Ministry for Finance

National Statistics Office

Main contact point for the implementation process

George Said


Tel: +356 22001458

Links to main websites/documents on national implementation of the 2030 Agenda and SDGs

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Voluntary National Reviews

Malta was part of the 2018 Voluntary National Review of the High Level Political Forum which meets each year under the auspices of the UN.