The European Sustainable Development Week 2023

18 September - 08 October

Event registrations for the #ESDW2023 are open and the ESDN encourges all European stakeholders who are planning SDG-related events during the ESDW's timeframe to consider registering their events to the ESDW website here

No event is too small, whether you are a national government, a school, an individual person, etc!

The ESDN is happy to support the ESDW as it marks its 9th year to showcase Europe's massive efforts to consistently and continuously make progress towards reaching the #SDGs and the #2030Agenda! 

8th ESDN Peer Learning Platform: 09 - 10 November 2023

"Spillover Effects"

The 8th ESDN Peer Learning Platform will be taking place in Bern, Switzerland on 09-10 November 2023! 

This year’s Peer Learning Platform will be focusing on the topic of spillover effects. 

More information will become available over the next weeks!


The European Sustainable Development Network (ESDN) is a network of public administrators and other experts dealing with sustainable development (SD) in Europe.


The ESDN has been bringing together European policymakers and public servants in the field of sustainable development since 2002. Over the course of the Network's history, it has expanded to include more policymakers, scientists and practitioners from all over Europe.


The ESDN subscribes to the principles of Sustainable Development and the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Sustainable Development satisfies the needs of  the present without compromising those of future generations. It strives to achieve a balance between economic, social and ecological aspects.


As a Network of public servants and policymakers, the ESDN facilitates an active exchange of ideas and best practices to make sustainable development strategies more effective.

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